Feelin’ Myself (or not)

I usually realise just how not myself I’m feeling when I’m halfway home and realise I’m not singing along to Anne Marie (current favourite alongside a bit of Dua Lipa). It seemed fairly apt that I write a new blog post during Mental Health Awareness Week, especially as it’s been a while since my last […]

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Loneliness is a funny thing. I’ve come to realise recently that it isn’t just something which is felt by old people, or people who have no friends or family. Alongside anxiety, loneliness is something that seems to have a bit of a stigma surrounding it. It’s assumed that people who feel lonely must be quite […]

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Usually when I’m feeling how I am tonight, I eat some chocolate fingers to make myself feel better but I’ve given up chocolate for lent so that isn’t an option (regretting it). Instead I’ve got Mum’s homemade apple crumble in the oven and I’m so ready for the comfort food (buzzing). The focus on these […]

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Mindset and Magic

Today was my second competition of the indoor season. If I were to maintain last year’s mindset, I would be incredibly disappointed with how I ran today. However, I’m trying this thing in 2018 where I attempt to be a lot more positive and patient with myself. I tend to be super hard on myself […]

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Peaks and Troughs

Admitting you’re struggling is hard. It’s hard when people see you as a strong, sassy person who has come out the other side of the anxiety and the insomnia. Truth is, it comes in peaks and troughs. The peaks are the days or weeks that I feel happy and in control the majority of the […]

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Be like a pineapple…

“Be like a pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.” I literally love this quote. Recently, along with ‘New Rules’ by Dua Lipa, it’s been something to live by. I’ve got a little card that my mum sent me sat on my sideboard with that quote on it. To me, […]

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